Sunday, January 26, 2014

The story of the cycle (draft 2)

Name: Vishwa

Class: Perseverance 1

Date: 26 January 2014

Draft 2

                   Hi i am a BMX cycle. I can ride very fast and i am very durable. I am inordinate. I  cost around $400-$500 dollars. I was made in Taiwan and sent to a shop being new as if i am glowing. Suddenly, I saw a family coming to the shop looking for a durable cycle.

                  The boy gazed at me for a very long time. Then, James, the boy, told the parents to buy me as I am very new. My parents asked the price of me and i was terrified. I don't want to stay here! Its horrible! I thought. I cried just like the boy did. He said he loved me as he tested me and i was amazing. So Jame's parents sympathize with him and bought me. I was so ecstatic, that i almost cried. I and James had so much fun!

             We cycled to so many places such as some shops, deep slopes, and mountains!!! We were exhausted after riding for so long so James drank water and my tyres were pumped with air. After 20 years, i started to get old and rusty and dusty. Jame's parents said that this cycle is very old and he should throw it away to the trash. 

          Without thinking twice they just threw me to the trash just like that and i was still in usable condition. I cried again but this time even more. I was betrayed. Then i saw another man looking for a good cycle to sell. He found me and washed me so that i am as clean as any other good cycles. I was sold again by another shop. 

           Another family came and bought me and the same things James did but even more! We went to another country which is USA! I get to ride on snow! But he still kept me for more than 20 years and regularly repairs my damage and my chains by putting oil. As you can see, I am in good condition
and my tyres are big as usual.

          As time passes, I started to break down slowly. The boy’s parents said that it is dangerous to ride me more. I think they are right because I will hurt him if I have been continued

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