Friday, April 25, 2014

Movie Review

Movie Review

Title: Frozen

              Question 1: Describe the most exciting/memorable part of the movie. Why do you like it?

The most memorable part was when Anna running towards Elsa to apologize for irritating her.

               Question 2: If you could rewrite one part of the movie, which part would it be and why?

I would make Hance kiss Anna because that would have saved her and she would not be frozen but

it does not necessarily be changed it is actually fine.

List 3 lessons that you have picked up from watching the movie.

I’ve learnt that not everyone is trustworthy and could make you die.

Even if your siblings ignore you, they still love you.

No matter what obstacles come, we should overcome them

Sunday, April 20, 2014

International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day

Hi! I am going to talk about international friendship day. We commemorate it on Sunday 3rd August.
International Friendship Day is a day, which we bond together and get to know each other together.
It is good interacting with other countries because they help us by protecting us from tsunami or
earthquakes so we also should do our part to help them.

  It is also a day which different people wear different ethnic costumes. 

My reflections

I love English lessons because they are very fun and nice to learn because the teachers
are really kind and friendly. Ok let me talk about myself first. In my primary school, I usually fail
English because of my teacher who is very strict and not friendly at all. That is the main reason why
I fail English a lot and it is very boring when the teacher is always talking and we don’t even get to
do any activity at all but now we get to see puns, do some activities and enjoy.

           Now, I get to learn more effectively because they are caring and concern about my studies
I wish I don’t get to Normal Academic stream because I have to study for another year and I don’t
Get to see my friends so often. Sometimes, the lessons will be less fun because too much fun will make us forget about studies and we will like to have MORE fun and that is bad because we will lose

Our focus in studies so we shouldn’t have so much fun and should be serious sometimes.