Friday, January 17, 2014

My auto biography

Hi fellow classmates and friends 

I am Vishwa from Anderson primary school.

My class is 6.7 and i like to collect a lot of money to buy my favorite

stuff and i like to swim and cycle very fast like a vehicle! My favorite color is yellow because it

is bright. My favorite food is Nasi lemak but the chilli sambal is very contagious because it has alginamoto. It

is a chemical which is not suppose to eaten by 8 months and below. So i don't eat nasi lemak a lot. I am 

quite funny. My best friends are Ruben and Sanjay from my Primary school. The reason is that when i was 

primary 5, he helped me to pack my sleeping bag but unfortunately it was lost... . As for Ruben, i was in the 

same  class in primary 3 and 4 and he helped me to do my project work and i was a success. So i owe 

something in future. My life is normal and i also get quite a lot of scolding. My favourite teacher is Mrs 

Steven and my favourite subject is science because i get to experiment some plants and cells and all that 

and it was interesting. My expectations is going to be good because i already made a few friends and they 

are friendly.

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