Friday, January 10, 2014

My struggles in Primary school life

Struggles in my success

                            Draft 2
Name: Vishwa

Class: Perseverance 1

Date: 5th Feb 2014

Hi everyone,

         I am going to share with you my struggles of success of getting into the express
Stream. From Primary 1 to Primary 6, teachers just say that I am bad in my Studies
Especially in English. Therefore, my parents decided to put me into tuition.

      In the end, I became better in my studies and I get A’s and A*s for my English.
 My math Grades also started to descend slowly. Therefore, in primary 4, my parents
Put me into a special tuition for mathematics. Then I realized how much money
They have spent just for me and I knew how concerned they were for me.

        Therefore, I sympathize with my parents and started concentrating in my studies
Rather than playing computer games and watching television. Nevertheless, I just
Could not control myself from watching or playing. So when the exams started ticking
In, I could not answer most of the questions and I failed most of the subjects. My
Parents were very disappointed and I cried that I failed my examinations. Then, I
Knew that playing games or watching television is useless to my success.

After that I have completely forgotten about the television and started to concentrate
On my studies. When the PSLE came, I started to do the exams as easy as pie and
Went to the express stream without any tense. From my experience, even after PSLE, I want to succeed.

In my studies and in my future and my dream wish is to go to Raffles JC.

This assignment is done by,

Vishwa from Perseverance 1.

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