Sunday, February 2, 2014

PACC Assignment

Name: Vishwa

Class: 1E1

Subject: PACC Assignment

Date: 2/2/14

Draft 1

Hi Andrew,

How are you doing in America? I hope that the weather is fine there now because I heard that the
Weather was extremely ice cold. Did you know that there is a kpop star named Stephanie Koh? She
says that she is not proud to be a Singaporean. She also said that everyone here is very submissive,
small minded, don’t think out of the box, etc. I think she is wrong about us Singaporeans but I also
think that she has some valid points. Singapore is very expensive and you cannot afford things in
here. Singaporeans are creative and have talents but I agree that it is not a great place to be a great
musician or being an artist. And Singaporeans are really nice people and they are happy with what
they are doing. After that, she did the video web log saying that she apologizes that she used the
word ‘everyone’ and she means ‘majority’. I was relieved to hear that if not, I will hate her forever
for calling us small minded and etc. She also thanked the people for supporting her in her video web
log. So, what’s happening in America? Email me your answer.



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